Thursday, September 24, 2020


 Hello fellow readers and welcome back todays blog post is about what I have been doing for reading. So this week for reeading the name of my book is boy we have to make a D.L.O about the book befor we have read it my task was to see how the author was and if they have won any awards and why my teacher chose this book for me.

Here is my D.L.O....

Market Day Reflection

 Hello fellow readers and welcome back. Today's blog post is about what we did on market day yesterday.So for market day yesterday my group was called Bits and balmes and we were selling hand cream the small ones were $3.00 and the big ones were $4.00 and you could buy two small ones for $5.00. We make 18 hand creams intotal to get all the itemes we need was $9.00 for the contaners and the rest was free or donated.The people in my group were Hayley, Shelby, Lacie. The Total income that we make was $53.50 but we owed $9.00 so are incoem went down to $44.50.

Here are some photos of market day

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Script Detective

 Hello fellow readers and welcome back todays ,blog post is about what we have been doing for drama this week.

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Gingerbread man

 Hello fellow readers and welcome back todays, blog post is about what we have been doning for reading this week.This week we have been doing characterization we had to watch a video about the gingerbread man.

The protagonist in the video was the gingerbread man.The antagonist was the old lady, old man, Horse, Cow, Pig, Chicken. The Gingerbread man was a round character  the old lady was very lonely and got very bored when her husband was outside doing the gardening  and she had done all the cooking and cleaning. The old man was also very lonly but he loved to work out in the garden and did not care what is wife was doing inside. The Gingerbread man was very rude,annoying and was very cheeky to the other people in the story he would also run away from everyone he meat. We saw and heared that the old man and old lady were lonely and were very bored  and the Gingerbred man was not a very nice person to be with.This was very easy to see with the Gingerbread man because he would run away.

Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Hello fellow readers and welcome back todays blog post is about Maths.So for maths this week we had to do Mentle illness my one was depression we also had to make a D.L.O about it we all so had to make tables of the dater we collated.

Here is my D.L.O....

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Who are we???

 Hello fellow readers and welcome back today blog post is going to be about what we have been doing for who are we this week. So for this week we had to a D.L.O. about a story called Stand Up! this is about all the protest that have happened in New Zealand.

Here is my work.....

Energy Sources

 Hello fellow readers and welcome, todays blog post is about what we had to do for science this week and last week. For this week we used a solar oven that we make last week and we got to use it today day. In are solar oven we got to put becketts and marshmallows it was very cool how it could cook it just by the sun we make it out of cardboard tin foil.Last week we got to make a poster about solar power for this we had to draw a solar panel,rocket ship and a plant we got to work in partners for both of this my partner for the poster was Shelby and my partners for the solar oven was Shelby,Kirsty and Isaac.